The bathroom is the place in your home you prepare for the day as well as wind down and relax in the evening. We’ve come a long way since the outhouse in the backyard and the tin bath in front of the fire; the bathroom is now a sanctuary and a place to grab some of that scarce downtime. A steamy shower or a long, hot bubble bath were once unimaginable luxuries but around the world people are designing and building their bathrooms as stylish oases.

A bathroom renovation is often a necessity. As with kitchens and laundries, water ingress can be a real problem in an older bathroom and is the major cause of problems. Grout and sealant get old and leak, causing timber to swell and tiles to lift. Moisture can make its way into cabinetry and then it’s all downhill from there.

Other times, a bathroom renovation is an opportunity to add comfort and luxury to your daily life. A functional and stylish bathroom makes a tangible impact on your lifestyle and peace of mind. Consideration put into the layout, lighting and finishes of your bathroom renovation will pay dividends for years to come—in addition, bathroom renovations tend to provide a strong return on investment when it comes time to sell. There are so many choices to be made when it comes to tiles, tapware, shower screens, vanities, and so on, for your new bathroom. Browse our gallery for inspiration.

Like a beautiful bathroom, a clean, functional laundry impacts your family’s everyday life. Waterproofing, tiling and grout are the obvious essentials but the functional aspects of your laundry renovation are what will really make the difference. Storage, hanging, bench space and an accessible sink laid out in a stylishly finished space are an underappreciated luxury in a home.

In many cases a bathroom and laundry renovation are undertaken together—this provides the opportunity to create a similar design aesthetic and to reconfigure the layout of each room to maximise functionality, particularly when the rooms are close together. Whether you want to renovate both or just one of these key wet areas you’ll reap the rewards of your new space every day.

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