Various uses for granny flats can be a media room, a home office, a rumpus room, a teenagers retreat or bedroom, a spare room, and maybe even somewhere for parents or older relatives to live. The granny flat option is excellent in these cases as some level of noise reduction or isolation is desired, and this is what a granny flat is designed for. The occupants of the granny flat can go about their activities without impacting anyone in the main home and have a degree of separation, while still being close to the family.

Laws vary widely from local councils around adding a granny flat to your home, so make sure you get advice around that before you go too far. The last thing you want is to begin a build and then it not be approved, it’s a big risk to run. With many people using a granny flat as paid accommodation, again you must check with local authorities if you can do so.

The other style of renovation we are seeing in this category is the conversions of garages into living spaces which allow people to rent out these rooms for extra income. A garage conversion is usually quite simple as there are not many walls etc to demolish or move, but mostly it is adding walls, etc. A garage conversion can add a whole new beautiful room to your home.

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