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I write to commend the work of Smith & Sons at our house in Richmond. 
Having researched different companies we eventually chose Smith-sons and are very glad so to have done.
Our challenge was having a lovely house and a lovely garden but no connection or access between them. Our sun filled deck was near the grass but entirely separate from it. Furthermore one or two issues to do with angles and so on made it look as if connecting the two would be difficult. On top of that we liked the materials of the deck and did not want to replace the railings and glass etc, but were aware that matching them may be problematic. So - in terms both of design and materials we knew that whoever took it on would have their work cut out.
Smith & Sons have done a wonderful job. From initial on-site consultation, through all the design and construction process, they really listened and `got it` in terms of what we were seeking. The last thing we wanted was something that looked like a new add-on to a 20+ year old house. They have completed steps connection from deck to lawn in a way that both gets us our indoor-outdoor flow, but also looks at once crisp and modern while wholly blending in with the rest of the house, and not looking like any sort of tacked on structure.
Throughout the whole process Chris and his team could not have been more helpful or more easy to work with. Both the design and the construction have exceeded our expectations and we would more than happily commend this company to others.

Fergus and Janne Capie

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