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Urgent Works to Help a Client for the Covid-19 Lockdown

The past week has been extraordinary and as the Covid-19 situation unfolds we are changing the way we live and work across the country. Although we are faced with new and challenging situations, it is brilliant to hear stories of people helping each other out and doing their bit to make a difficult situation as easy it can be.

This year our team at Christchurch Port Hills have been focussed on a challenging project, working through a process of assisting the owner of a home with weathertightness issues. The renovation repairs required work to the roofing, cladding, windows and internal framing. The project involved design and planning work, which started in January with consent issued early February. 

The Port Hills team realised late last week that things may not be going the way anyone had hoped with the Covid-19 situation, and when level 3 was announced on Monday and the deadline for lockdown to be Wednesday at midnight, the team needed to get the bathroom and the kitchen installed so as the client could be at home during the national lockdown. 

Urgently, the team at Port Hills worked to ensure that the plastering was 90% complete, the shower installed and a new toilet installed upstairs, the roof and cladding was completed apart from a few flashings on the corners. Although not finished, the kitchen is now fully functional. When the lockdown ends, there will be some more cabinets to be installed post plastering completion and painting. Ensuring the home was liveable was the priority for the Port Hills team and the home owner.

It's a credit to Anthony and the Port Hills team, that they acheived their goal against the clock, to get this home ready for the lockdown, undoubtedly helping their client in a worrying situation. The homeowner now has a fully useable and liveable home for the lockdown and until work on the project can be resumed. 


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