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The Expectations of Renovating Post “The Block”

With The Block starting this month it brought back memories of a question we were asked from a client…

“Why can’t you complete a bathroom renovation in a week like they do on The Block?”.

Our honest answer was “it doesn’t actually happen in a week”. 
Don’t get us wrong, we are avid viewers of the show – we love it for all its drama and ideas and plus it shows that there are endless possibilities when you are renovating. But even though it’s a reality show it doesn’t show the real reality of renovating. Here are some things that you don’t see:
The behind the scenes work – the amount of work that goes into planning a project, even a small project. Making sure the sub trades are booked to fit the schedule, making sure the fittings and fixtures turn up on time, a lot of the decisions are made prior to starting a project and the framing has already been completed. We see it all in a neatly edited one-hour programme. 
The real cost – at the end of each week The Block shows you what each room “cost” what this doesn’t take into consideration is how much is sponsored. You only see what the contestants actually payed and this is generally only the labour and the finishing touches. 
Some rooms aren’t even finished! And certainly not to a standard that we would approve. With the contestants having to paint at all hours of the day and night after the tradies have gone to get the rooms finished, you can understand how there is a little painting outside the lines.
So, enjoy watching The Block but just remember it’s great for entertainment and ideas but it doesn’t reflect the true nature of renovation.
If you’d like to know more about the real renovation process come in and talk to the team at Smith & Sons. 

Melissa van den Brink
Smith & Sons Franklin

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