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Ramon Dale did a fantastic job as primary building contractor on our build, an architecturally designed home in Pahoia. I was the owner and acted as on-site Project Manager.

Ramon’s enthusiasm and spark made working with him a real pleasure. He turned up with a huge smile and with a determination to do the best job he could. I always felt Ramon was on our side – whether it was dealing with issues from the building supply company, negotiating with sub-contractors or dealing with council.

Ramon’s energy and commitment were contagious – he employed skilled, enthusiastic builders and apprentices with a huge work ethic, they were always on task and committed to doing a quality job. He had great relationships with his team, they worked well together and created a fun, friendly environment on site.

Our build contained a number of features that differed from the norm (ply lined ceilings, negative detailing, full height glazing, an insulated concrete pad on Cupolex formwork etc). Ramon was excited about working on an original project and very open to new ideas.  He consulted the plans regularly and developed a good working relationship with our architect, Adam Mercer, and with me. He was very happy to discuss the detail in the plan and work hard to come up with and implement the most cost-effective way to achieve it.

Ramon supported me a great deal in managing the build and was innovative in his approach – not stuck on building the cheap wooden box, which seems to be the approach of many builders today. He put me in touch with a timber supplier and a miller to source and machine our lawson cladding and along with the miller we designed the random board profiles ourselves. Ramon frequently let me know where affordable alternative suppliers were rather than ordering all product direct off the building supply company. 

Ramon is exceptionally hard working and reliable, always turning up well prepared, with a good range of quality tools and ready to go. He takes very few breaks and remains on-task throughout the day, rarely taking a phone call and focusing on the job at hand. 

Ramon has proven to be a quality builder and a skilled craftsman, always working accurately and efficiently and ensuring a very high quality of finished work. I’m aware of his work for a close neighbor whose builder let them down with substandard work on a large residential project. Ramon was very honest in his assessment of the work and the costs involved in remediation and he was employed to come in and re-do a large amount of work to get it up to an acceptable standard.

Ramon’s honest and friendly and he’s been a pleasure to have on site. We were living in the garage while the rest of the house was being finished and we all enjoyed Ramon’s company. He has a wonderful family who we got to know during the build, and I’ve got a lot of admiration for the fantastic way they’re being raised and for the tight bonds they’ve built. At times during the build we left our daughter to walk home from the school bus before we could get home, comfortable that Ramon was on site and absolutely trusting in his integrity.

We thoroughly recommend Ramon as a quality builder, we’re very happy for anyone to give us a call and visit our home to see the excellent work that he’s undertaken. We wish him all the best in his future work, and we’ll be calling on him ourselves when we need a quality builder in future.


  • Enthusiasm
  • Can do attitude
  • Relationships
  • Craftsmanship
  • Experience
  • Flexibility
  • Patience with staff (and project managers)
  • Good range of tools and equipment - always well maintained and ready to go
  • Quality Staff
  • Honest and reliable
  • Always communicates if there is a delay or issue
  • Efficiency – works hard, takes few breaks and always looking to achieve targets

Vince and Andrea

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