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“This is just to say it's been great working with you both, plus the teams of workmen that arrived to do their bit.

Tom plus all the others that came did an awesome job, but Tom went above and beyond in his attention to details, even going to show my daughter Selina, how to move the fridge and a couple of other things.  Everyone was respectful of my daughter and I being in the house while they were working.  Although the job took longer than expected because of being put into lockdown, it really finished on time if one looks at the schedule originally drawn up.  

The bathrooms are stunning and look finished, rather than how they were before.  The kitchen, dining and front entrance with the laminate flooring is great.  I also feel safer on the tiles and laminate flooring.

On that note I'd like to say that I would highly recommend Smith & Sons Franklin to anyone who is wanting any renovation work done.  They are efficient, prompt and are able to work around schedules with minimum disruption to one's daily life.”


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