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I have no hesitation providing a testimonial for Ramon's character, workmanship and professionalism.

I first engaged Ramon when I had an issue with rain water down pipe that a joint had failed and water had leaked into a beam surrounding our first floor deck.  At the time of discovery I had some builders installing a new garage door.  I showed them the problem and almost immediately I was presented with an alarming report that indicated substantial expense.

Ramon was known to our son who asked him to inspect the issue.  As soon as he inspected the problem he put our concerns at rest and carried out repairs quickly, efficiently and very cost effective.

Whilst carrying out the repairs it became apparent that our roof needed some maintenance.  Discussions with trades persons ensued and after careful consideration we took the very sound advice of Ramon and he installed a completely new roof.  The cost was not too much more than the repairs being discussed and the guarantee was four times longer.

Ramon worked for us on the basis of his and his staff time plus materials at cost.  We were very satisfied.  An example of his integrity and honesty he came to me later when he told me that he had made an error and overcharged me $1,000.  He handed me a refund.  I would never have known and that honesty has always stayed with me.

His workmanship is superb and carried our cleanly with minimum disruption.

I would be pleased to receive a telephone call if any further assurances are required.


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