This home in the inner Christchurch suburbs underwent some major repair work with our team at Christchurch North. Initially damaged in the earthquakes, a large crack had appeared on the entranceway concrete steps. The team removed the whole concrete patio and entranceway and engineered replacement foundations. A new deck was added to the front of the house in place of the concrete. 
The exterior front of the home was also damaged so the team removed some of the stone and brickwork and replaced it with lightweight black Linea weatherboard. Some of the existing stonework cladding was kept and the contrast with the new cladding creates a whole new look. New windows and doors were installed to complete the project with a entranceway makes the property more welcoming.   
A new fence was also constructed to enclose the properties garden and offer privacy from the road. Overall the repair work and updates to the exterior has added much more street appeal and will add value to this home.  

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