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The great news is – you are in the right place. Smith & Sons' unique Design – Plan – Construct renovation building system caters for wherever you are in your home renovation journey. The DPC system was designed for you and hundreds of people like you who are out there looking for answers and to be guided through the renovation process.

Before we go into detail, we would like to let you know why we developed the DPC system and how it works for you and your home renovation.

Heritage Villa

Heritage 2

If you own a period villa or weatherboard cottage you might want to complete the look of the home with a heritage style bathroom that oozes charm of yesteryear.

Think claw foot tubs, ornate mirrors, and glass chandeliers. You could source antiques or restore furniture and repurpose to create a vanity unit or dresser


Traditional with a Modern Twist

Trad 2


Mosaic floor tiles and subway wall tiles are the perfect choices for a traditional style bathroom with a fresh, modern look.

For tubs you could choose a feature claw foot bath or a simple freestanding tub with modern contours if space allows.



Make the room more glamourous with the latest fixtures such as a large rain-head shower or custom double vanity.


Uber Sleek and Glamourous

Uber Sleek


To achieve this look you could opt for black tapware and a feature tile wall to create an uber sleek and glamourous sanctuary. Black tapware has been around for a few years now and the trend looks set to stay with more product lines coming on to the market all the time.


Uber 2

A feature tile wall offers contrast and adds interest and can really make a wow statement in your room.


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Contemporary Hotel Style


Tiles, tiles, tiles! For walls and flooring choosing a selection of both small and large tiles creates a super polished hotel feel and provides a beautiful canvas to allow your vanities and tubs to create that statement look you desire.

Hotel 2

Finish off your masterpiece with some funky artwork and pretty plants to complete the feeling of a private sanctuary and a place to recharge away from the stresses of modern life.


Next choose your fixtures


Vanities – there are a wide range of vanities on the market and depending on your budget and available space, you can decide whether you want a standard factory made unit or a more expensive custom design unit, and whether you would prefer a single or double vanity.


Showers – for elegant and opulent bathrooms a rain head shower is a great choice, to make things more practical for cleaning you could opt for a rain-head shower with a removeable mixer.

Depending on space, you might decide on a double shower where the best solution is often a walk-in wet room style shower which provides maximum space.


Bath Tubs – the traditional style claw foot or ball foot tub makes a real statement but can take up a lot of available space - simple yet deep tub could be a better solution for smaller rooms.  There are a wide range of freestanding or wall mounted tubs in different shapes and sizes and visiting your local showrooms can give you a good feel for the style that will best suit your lifestyle and new bathroom.



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Then decide on your layout

Bathrooms are often small spaces and you’ll need to think about being able to open and close all of the doors and having enough room to be able to get changed in and out of your clothes.

For those on a strict budget, simply changing out the bathroom fixtures without changing the layout will be the most cost-effective solution. In very small spaces, installing all of the fixtures along one wall can keep plumbing costs to the minimum.

If you need to create more space you might want to remove a wall or join an existing separate toilet into the main family bathroom. This type of renovation work will achieve the layout that you dream of but takes a little more time as it requires council consent. You’ll also need to factor in increases in plumbing costs where you want to change up the layout and put new fixtures in new places.



Think about your materials and features

Flooring – porcelain or ceramic tiles make an excellent choice as they are hardwearing and have low water absorption rates. A sheet vinyl or waterproof laminate are also great options for bathrooms if you prefer a timber look a laminate is best, whereas with sheet vinyl you have more options such as a stone, concrete or even mosaic look. It’s a good idea to get some samples and try them on your floor at home.

Walls – again, porcelain or ceramic tiles work well on wet areas in the shower and above the bath. A mixture of some tiled and some painted walls or areas add interest and can add balance the room. Think about where your wet and dry areas will be, and plan accordingly.

Lighting – you’ll need to consider both ambient lighting and practical lighting for make-up or shaving. A dimmer switch can be the ideal solution. Lighting for a mirror is best when you have lights all around or a light above the mirror and at each side so that no shadows are created.


Sml Bathroom

So what can you achieve for different budgets?

$15k – $20k

This budget range should allow you to completely refresh the look of the space. For example, you could replace all the fixtures, fittings and tapware, install a new tile splashback, complete the room with painting and install vinyl plank flooring. Your choice of fixtures and fitting would likely be at entry level.

$21k - $30k

In this bracket you are looking at a full strip back to stud, complete room reline with GIB Aqualine, add Pink Batts in the walls, do a bit more tiling (a tiled shower perhaps). Here you could move pipework and plumbing to improve the layout, and you have the choice of mid-range fixtures, fittings and tapware, plus you could afford to increase the mains pressure if you needed.

$31k - $50k

Here you could remove a load bearing wall and create a larger bathroom. You can also achieve tiling of the whole bathroom floor and walls. The range of fixtures, fittings and accessories can be at the high end of the range. If needed, you can upgrade the mains pressure via a gas or mains hot water system. You could also install underfloor heating and create a luxurious space with all the finishing touches.

DPC Grey on White

Whether you’re after a fresh new look, want to replace tired old fixtures, upgrade to a more functional or more luxurious space, or just wish to increase the value of your investment—when done correctly, this can be a fantastic benefit to your home.

The team at Smith & Sons can help you design, plan and construct your project.

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To achieve this look you could opt for black tapware and a feature tile wall to create an uber sleek and glamourous sanctuary. Black tapware has been around for a few years now and the trend looks set to stay with more product lines coming on to the market all the time. A feature tile wall offers contrast and adds interest and can really make a wow statement in your room.

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