Garage & Studio Conversions

Converting your garage into a separate liveable dwelling will not only add value to your home but could become a second income stream.

There are a lot of savvy homeowners out there taking advantage of their situation by creating additional living quarters.

For many people the appeal of supplementary income is the driving force behind their garage conversion, enabling them to generate another income stream from renting the space out or as an Airbnb listing.


The process of transforming your garage can have spectacular results but does take some dedication.

Get your project off on the right foot—be sure to engage a good builder who can help you navigate the local planning consents.

If your garage is attached to the house this can be transformed into a living space quickly and within a reasonable budget.

A well-planned garage conversion will help you create a new space that seamlessly blends in with the existing house.


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Do you have a stand-alone garage or shed on your property?



If you are lucky enough to have a separate garage or a solid shed down the side or out the back of your property, that could be a great advantage.

Imagine the potential return on investment if you converted it into a self-contained apartment.

In addition to creating a big value-add to your property come sale time, this space could help to pay off the initial investment on the main residence.

The team at Smith & Sons can help you design, plan and construct your project.



Lofts & Attics


The unused space in your ceiling cavity can be put to good use.

Creating a well-designed and cleverly thought-out loft room will create extra habitable space which can then be used for a supplementary income or free up another space in the house that can be rented out.


Loft Window


Whether you're considering an attic conversion to add an extra bedroom, or a more sizeable extension it will add value to your home.

Before you begin any work on the interior design of your loft conversion, it's vital to get all your design ideas in place. It's not just the structure, but also your budget, the room's configuration, the position of windows and or skylights, and of course your loft's energy efficiency that you need to consider.

In most cases, you will require building consent in order to convert your loft into a liveable space.

Ask for some advice from your local Smith & Sons builder.



basement 4

Basement M

Basement conversions are a great way to create extra living space in built-up urban areas where outdoor space for extensions is limited.

They are sometimes a more flexible option than using attic spaces because of their proximity in relation to the main areas of the house, such as the living room, kitchen, and easier to access.

There are two main types of basement conversion. The first, and most cost effective, is turning an existing cellar into a livable space. The second is excavating a new basement, which will require more significant structural work and is, therefore, more expensive.

Bear in mind that it can be much more cost-effective to convert a basement if you are also adding a new extension above at the same time. If you have a small garden and lack living space, both can well be worthwhile options.

Whether you’re converting your garage into a liveable space, or undertaking a renovation of the carport, loft or basement, when done correctly, this can be a fantastic benefit to your home and family’s lifestyle!

For more design ideas and inspiration, contact your local Smith & Sons office today.


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