This traditional weatherboard home Govenor's Bay is on a large section with beautiful views over Lyttelton Harbour. Being one of the earlier bungalows in Christchurch, the accommodation was limited with 2 bedrooms downstairs and a small box room upstairs which was largely unused and furnished as a single guest room. The owners decided that in order to stay they would need to extend their home to better suit the needs of themselves and their 2 young children.

Their plan was to create additional space by creating a larger second storey level whilst seamlessly blending it to the style of the original house and retaining the traditional character. They engaged the team at Smith & Sons Christchurch Port Hills to follow their architect's designs and to construct a second storey which included a new master bedroom with ensuite, a small office, 2 kids bedrooms and a family bathroom. 
Once the plans and consents were finalised, the first task for the team at Smith & Sons Christchurch Port Hills was to put a wrap on the whole building to enclose it from the elements whilst the roof was removed and the second storey was built. The clients decided to stay in the house and lived downstairs during the renovation works so it was imperative that the existing home remained dry.  
Before another level could be added to the house strengthening work was carried out to support a new second storey. A horizontal steel beam was installed to carry the load of the new floor which was then constructed to fly over the existing downstairs ceiling. Once the new roof was built, the stairs were married in and the internal walls of the new upstairs rooms were then built.  

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