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iStock-613765498 lowThe nucleus of the home can be attributed to many spaces but none as important as the bathroom.

With its potential to change your mood - it’s where most people spend their alone time in preparation for the coming day and outside world.

Getting ready to face the day with all its fun, laughter and challenges is made so much better in a bathroom that enables you to be able to relax, breathe, and feel inspired.

Home owners desire their bathroom to be able to switch between it's roles as a family-friendly haven to a creative space that wows the fussiest of guests. Take a look at just a few bathrooms we have transformed over the years...

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Smith and Son’s bathroom renovations can offer a simple resolution that meets both needs, with their market-leading ability to design bathroom with a functional purpose to including sleek and pristine finishes.

Not only do Smith and Son’s have years of experience renovating houses into dream homes, they also boast highly skilled project managers, designers and tradesmen who ensure the ‘home renovation’ is completed on time, to budget and is an enjoyable experience for you.

If you are looking to upgrade and renovate your bathroom, the team at Smith & Sons are here to ensure a smooth renovation. Whether your existing bathroom is dated, worn out, or the layout simply doesn’t function the way it should, our bathroom renovation experts are here to help.

Our goal is to ensure that you have an exceptionally enjoyable renovation experience resulting in your dream bathroom upgrade.

Smith & Sons renovation builders can help you with your project right from the word go… Here is what we can do to help your along with your bathroom renovation:

Concept Planning

The planning stage of a bathroom renovation is relatively inexpensive however is a vital step toward your bathroom renovation.

During this stage you will provide early insight into the spatial dynamics. This will allow you to envisage your future bathroom and ensure that it will meet your vision and expectations ensuring the bath/shower/sink/toilet/vanity are all going to be in functional and visually appealing. Your project consultant will help with floor planning, product selection and ensure all aspects meet your personal requirements.

You will also gather a lot of information such as local government rules and resource consent issues during concept planning. Most importantly, completing concept planning will provide the information required to give a realist costing estimate.

Your project consultant will help you with your design as well as co-ordinating everyone involved in the design of your bathroom renovation… Draftsman, architects, designers, engineers, surveyors...

Initial Project Cost Estimate

With a proper bathroom concept plan we can provide you with a realistic cost estimate. With your initial concept planning and cost estimates you will have the information that you need to make decisions on how you wish to proceed with your renovation… You may choose to add extras, remove features or even change the layout as this stage based on your budget and the project costs. We will work with you to help meet your requirements and expectations with available budget.

Working Drawings & Council Consents

Once you have decided on your final bathroom layout it will be drafted into construction drawings for the council. This can take up to 8 weeks, so going through the whole planning stage could take 3-6 months.

If you are already at this stage before talking to the team at Smith & Sons, that is not a problem. We will project manage your bathroom renovation based on your planning...

Project Management

You will now move from a planning consultant to a project manager. Your project manager will be committed to your bathroom renovation and will hold accountability for the project and its completion. Your assigned project manager will manage all sub contractors and council, managing all of the paperwork, communication or problems that may arise. They will also be your point of contact for the project as a whole!

If you are interested in a smooth running bathroom renovation managed by renovation specialists contact Smith & Sons for an on-site consultation today. Remember, the earlier we can get involved in your bathroom renovation process, the better!

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