Home Extensions

Need more room - extend! Have a look below at just some of the home extensions we have completed for clients who needed more room and a larger lifestyle!

Each and every New Zealander has varied living needs and many budding ideas and dreams about what their home should look and feel like. Opportunely Smith and Son’s Renovations and Extensions, also has a plethora of experience creating unique living and dwelling spaces and is ready to meet the expectations of each and every client.

Extending your home involves adding space to your property if you have available land adjacent to your home. When you feel like you're already outgrowing your present home and you need new bedrooms for your children or perhaps a home office, getting a house extension is a great choice. Instead of moving to a new property, you can choose to extend and modify your home to make it more spacious and more comfortable.

Why Choose to Extend?

Building a home extension has various advantages. Here are the most common reasons why homeowners choose to get a home extension rather than move into a new place.

1. Stay at your current dwelling and avoid the hassles of moving out.

Moving out is an arduous process that takes much time and effort. It can also be expensive, especially if you're planning to move to a far location. When you get a home extension, you don't need to move out and find a new place to stay. You can create an additional area that suits your needs and incorporate new features suitable for your property. Compared to buying or building a new home altogether, extending a house is less laborious and less costly. This is a great option if your house really is your dream home but you simply need more space!

2. Add value to your property.

Aside from gaining a larger living space, your home's value will also considerably increase. This is a great benefit, especially if you're planning to sell your home in the future. An extension that's designed and built to high standards will certainly add value to your property. It's best that you consult a reputable builder to seek help in designing, planning, building and furnishing the additional room. Talk to your builder to get an initial project estimate before embarking on an extension project.

3. Control the design.

You'll be in full control of the look and feel of your home extension.  Whether you want to combine existing space with the extension or convert a room, deciding on the overall size, shape, layout and finishes is in your hands. You can choose the type of flooring, color of the paint and various other elements at the design stage.

What Can I Extend?

Home extensions can be done according to your preferences. Here are several types of home extensions:

  • Porches -- These are small extensions to the front, side or rear of a home
  • Single storey extension
  • Two storey/multi-storey extension
  • Conservatories
  • Orangeries -- Also known as sunroom, an orangery is like a conservatory but it has a solid roof and walls
  • Over-structure extension

Getting a House Extension Vs. Buying a Larger Home: Which is More Cost-effective?

There are numerous costs, preparations and requirements needed to buy and move into a larger home. You'll have to sell your current property, and find a buyer on your own or hire a real estate agent whose fees can be quite expensive. Moving is another lengthy and strenuous process that requires much time, effort and money. On the whole, buying a new home can be an incredibly time-consuming and stressful process.

On the other hand, adding an extension is a cheaper alternative that lets you bypass the numerous associated fees with home buying and moving out. You'll be able to monitor the building process as it takes place right on your property, ensuring that the new space is designed according to what you want. If you have available land and you want to create space, then adding a house extension is a more cost-effective option.

Not only do Smith and Son’s have years of experience renovating houses into dream homes, they also boast highly skilled project managers, designers and tradesmen who ensure the ‘home renovation’ is completed on time, to budget and is an enjoyable experience for you

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