Patios / Decks

Bring the outside in! Entertain friends and family, have a party or just sit outside and enjoy the view! Take a look below at the spaces we have created with the creation of a beautiful deck!

An exciting and growing trend that has gained incredible popularity in the last few years is homeowners appreciating the natural beauty around them, and extending their living space one way or another to ‘bring the outside in’. No longer are homeowners hiding behind their walls and windows cooped up inside, but are looking to combine the best of both worlds with a comfortable living environment connected to the outdoors.

One of the simplest and most effective ways to do this is the time-honoured strategy or adding a deck or a patio to the home. This creates in effect a ‘cross-over’ zone where inside meets outside in a smooth uncluttered transition, allowing the home owner to cross simply from the ‘inside world’ to the ‘outside world’.

No longer the humble 3x3 tin roof bolted onto the side of suburban homes, patios have developed into major structures that hold underneath beautiful furniture, outdoor entertainment such as pool tables and table tennis tables, to BBQ’s and bespoke outdoor kitchens. You could almost live in many patios that are made on modern homes, and indeed many Kiwi families almost do in the hotter months.

In the same vein, decks have developed with a fantastic range of softwood, hardwood and modular wood construction that gives a strength and durability like never before. Architects and designers are pushing the boundaries with decks becoming one of the major design features of a house, and homeowners and families alike enjoying not only the aesthetic aspect of a deck, but the health benefits of just being outside in the fresh air.

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