A new home build project in the Lyttelton hills was completed by the team at Smith & Sons Port Hills. The original section was home to an existing garage and this was removed to make way for the new house. The section is positioned on a steep hillside and has fabulous views out to sea and over the hills. 

The build process for the 4 bedroom 2 bathroom home involved working with some challenging ground conditions. The site was steep and bush clad, with soft ground on the west and rock on the east, plus an old brick barrel drain underneath. To secure the site soil nails were driven into the hill which are 7 metres in length. A 24 metre long retaining wall was installed which was 4 metres high before the house building work could begin. 

The finished home comprises 2 bedrooms upstairs and 2 downstairs. A vaulted ceiling in the main living and dining areas creates a feeling of light and space and skylights in the ceiling allow for views of the surrounding trees whilst making the most of the available daylight.  

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