We had talked about renovating for a few years, and we had heard horror stories from everyone who had renovated. My plumber told me to give Paul at Smith & Sons a ring and to have a chat with him. I was told that once he started something he was there until the end. People with the horror stories had said that their builders would be there for a couple of days and do a disappearing act for a few weeks, but we did not have that.
Paul had just started his Smith & Sons franchise which I liked the idea of everything being finished, some people never finish because the money runs out but with the full price known from the start you can go through it to gets costs down.
Pauls team of builders are great to work with – you have no issues with them not turning up! They have become a little extended family. The workmanship and finishing was great.
When my dream home was finished it was beyond anything I could imagine. It was nice to have no horror stories to tell!
I will miss everyone that has worked on my home as I had a great time doing it, and I know deep down they will miss me too!

Vicki Ross and Hamish Finnie – Dunedin

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