Gary and Tina Walker from Smith & Sons Matamata took on the almighty job of renovating our 1905 villa with 1950 and 1960 additions. We can only sing their praises on the wonderful job they have done in restoring our house to its former glory.

Gary is not only an absolute pleasure to work with, his skills as a builder and craftsman are second to none. I have never experienced working with such a considerate, dedicated and professional builder. Despite having no bathroom or kitchen he was able to set us up so that we did not have to move out during the renovation.  Furthermore, Gary set us up so well that the disturbance to our daily lives during the entire renovation was minimal. Looking back it is hard to believe how he did it.

Gary was present on site from day one and talked with us everyday regarding progress and issues that came up – which was quite often as one would expect when renovating an old villa! Despite the ‘surprises’ we came across, Gary never made any of them a stress and always sorted them out with minimal expense and to the gold standard. Gary also accommodated all of my indecision and embarrassingly on many occasions made many changes for me after installation! No request was ever too much or too difficult.

Gary’s workmanship is nothing but incredible –I think our house speaks for itself.  Tina and Gary are a fantastic team. Tina not only helped us pick perfect paint colours for both inside and outside the house, she also sourced special woodwork, trimmings , windows and doors all perfect for an old villa. Gary maintained a pristine site-we never had to live in piles of mess or building rubbish. Tina even cleaned all our windows after the glass was installed! Their attention to detail was incredible and the finish on all aspects of the renovation can only be described as perfect.

We are so thrilled with the final result. It is so much better than what we could have ever hoped for or what either of us could have imagined. We look forward to coming home every night to our comfortable and warm home. We highly recommend Gary and Tina walker from Smith and Sons if you are considering a renovation or building project.

Fiona & Dave Hanlon

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