`Smith & Sons business owner Lance Irving came to our property to discuss our ideas .

We really needed an upstairs study and a wanted to see if we could create a new master bedroom at the same.

Lance climbed up in the roof to work out if it was possible and where best to gain the new spaces. He discovered that there had been one small bedroom added on already at the back of the property which was the most and that this was the most cost effective end to gain the additional spaces.

Lance and his team then began the design work which initially came in over our budget and would have overcapitalised the property.

Lance and his designer then came back with a revised plan to get the project to work both in terms of cost and design.

We were very pleased at the effort that they went to in order to accommodate our requirements. They really listened to what we wanted.

There were some technical challenges regarding the proximity to the neighbours property and the roof pitch which Smith & Sons were able to overcome so that it worked functionally and within our budget.

They also had some work inspected (that had been done previously by another builder which wasn’t consented) while the roof and walls were all open, tied in the new extension to it, and had it all signed off.

They supplied us with a schedule of how long the job would take and when certain deliveries and sub trades would be onsite, which was especially important to us as we have a shared driveway and good relationships with our neighbours.

The job was completed within the scheduled timeframe (including extra work replacing some decayed weatherboards) and kept within our agreed budget.

They kept the site tidy at all times, and we were most impressed  with the way they covered up the exposed roof after each day and kept the house dry and functioning inside as they tied in the new loft bedroom

We would have no hesitation in recommending Smith & sons to anyone.`

Abhay Joshi – Chch

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