Why Choose Smith & Sons as your Renovation Builder?

Posted Friday, 11 March 2016

Recently, we were approached by a couple who had spoken to their bank about extending their home. The bank had asked them to get a quote for the work to be done so that they could set a budget to gain approval for their loan. It sounded straightforward enough, but the builders that they contacted could not provide a quote and instead suggested that they should firstly engage an architect / draughtsman. The draughtsman had different ideas to the builders about what their extension could cover, and again could not provide an estimate for the cost of the extension. 

Feeling like the project was never going to get off the ground, and still unsure what their options for a home extension were, the couple did some research and came across Our Simple 3 Step Renovation Process. Finding that their Smith & Sons Project Manager would work with them through the Design, Planning and Construction phases of their project, whilst providing a full estimate for the project to provide to the bank before any work began, encouraged them that the project could go ahead.

What we find, is that what many people need at the early stages of a renovation or extension project is for a builder to give them advice on the building options, what would add the most value to their home, what styles and design features would look good, how the finished project would look, and an idea of the costs involved. From there they can make a decision on whether the project is right for them, and arrange for the finance if it is. 

To find out more about how Our Simple 3 Step Renovation Process can help you get your renovation project off the ground, watch our videos on each of the Design, Plan & Construct stages, or give us a call to arrange a no-obligation consultation. 





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