The KEY to a Successful Renovation!

Posted Friday, 8 December 2017

Looking for the KEY to a Successful Renovation?  


At Smith & Sons Renovations & Extensions, we hold the key, and while you might not be ready to hire a renovation professional just yet – we can certainly help you start your home renovation on the right foot.

Something we see time and again is people with approved plans that find they cannot afford to complete the build. There are many reasons why a budget might overrun, and lets face it, with a renovation it’s hard to be able to plan for everything! The chances of this happening are greatly reduced if you work with a designer and builder together while planning a renovation.

“A few weeks ago I was approached by a couple asking me to quote on their villa renovation.They had already been through the design process with a draughtsman, paid for some engineering, paid for building consent as well as an expensive resource consent and had just received their consented plans from council - all this coming to approximately $20K.

When I presented them with a price well over what they were hoping for, they very nearly fell from their chairs with shock. You see the problem here is they had not given proper thought to the budget. The draughtsman was not at fault he had merely drawn what they had asked for. The problem they now face is that they'll have to spend many more thousands of dollars to bring the budget under control. A waste of time and money.” – Builder, Smith & Sons, South Island

So How Should Your Reno Go?

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Ideally, first priority should be to get an idea of potential costing as early as possible in the design stage. Make contact with a good builder, one that is used to working with designers, and have them put together a detailed ‘Cost Estimate Breakdown’ – that way you can see where all the money is going. These days there are first-rate design build companies who have excellent experience in working with designers and have the expertise to produce accurate pricing for you. Companies like Smith & Sons can facilitate the design process and give invaluable advice on your renovation as your ‘forever home’ begins to take shape.

The Essential Step for Renovations or Extensions...

If you’re renovating or extending your home, clarifying the cost of the project with your renovator is essential. Square meter rates for new homes should not be applied to your renovation or extension.

Most of the costs for these types of projects are determined by:

·       How much remedial work actually needs doing to make way for new construction.

·       How much of the existing building needs altering or up grading.

·       How much demolition is involved and/or any necessary strengthening of foundations/ roof structures is required.

So, gaining clarity on cost is essential in the concept stage…


In the overall context of a major renovation the concept plans are relatively inexpensive and they do offer a lot of important information and help give a realistic estimate can be given early on.

Once you’ve spent adequate time on the design stage, and you have clarity on your design and budget, you can then proceed to the working drawings and council consent; feeling confident in your budget, that there will be no surprises or overruns. Design and pricing go hand in hand and the most productive start you can have to your renovation is to work with both designer and builder together from the start.


By securing cost breakdowns early in the renovation, you'll be able to make informed decisions as you work through the design. If you’re looking for a friendly, professional Design and Project Management team, talk to your local Smith & Sons Renovations and Extensions contractors >> visit | Contact Us | Phone 0800 764 842 | Locations


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