Our Top Ten Bathroom Reno Tips!

Posted Friday, 14 April 2017
Renovating your bathroom is a great way to add value to your home. Whether you are thinking of selling or want to create your dream bathroom to enjoy, there's a lot to consider. At Smith and Sons our project consultants work with you every step of the way from discussing your initial design ideas, to producing plans and coming up with workable solutions. Having an expert on hand ensures that planning a bathroom becomes a smooth, stress-free process. Our project consultants will manage the construction for you, ensuring that your bathroom is completed on time and on budget.   
Check out our list of our top ten bathroom renovation ideas to help get you started!
1. Layouts  
Choosing a great layout is must for any size bathroom. Bathrooms are often smaller spaces and you will need to be able to open and close all the doors and cupboards easily, and have enough room to get changed in and out of your clothes.  
Tip: A key decision affecting your budget will be the number of wet-walls. In very small spaces you can install all of the fixtures along one wall so plumbing costs are kept to a minimum.     
This stylish wooden twin vanity makes clever use of a longer narrow space. 
2. Flooring  
Porcelain or ceramic tiles are an excellent choice as they are hardwearing and have low water absorption rates. Tiles that look like wood or natural stone are a popular choice now for a sophisticated, warmer look.  
Tip: Get samples before you buy tiles and try them out on the floor at home. 
3. Walls  
Again, porcelain or ceramic tiles work well on wet areas in the shower and above the bath. A mixture of some tiled and some painted walls or areas add interest and balance to the room. Think about where your wet and dry areas will be, and plan accordingly.  
Tip: Smaller tiles and mosaics can make great feature walls, but can be harder to clean.
The black tiles in this bathroom create a sleek ultra-modern look. 
4. Heating  
It’s best to decide on all your heating requirements early. Consider underfloor heating which won’t interfere with your design, and is great on tiled floors which can feel cold to walk on, especially in cooler regions.  
Tip: Additional extras like a heated mirror can save you time in the morning, or a heated towel rail to make sure you always have the luxury of dry, warm towels.  
5. Lighting  
You will need to consider both ambient lighting and practical lighting for make-up and shaving, so a dimmer switch can be the ideal solution.   
Tip: Lighting for the mirror is best when you have a light above the mirror and at each side so that no shadows are created.  
6. Tubs  
Claw and ball foot tubs are now fairly inexpensive and can make an elegant statement, like having a piece of art in the bathroom.  These require a larger space however and if you only have a small bathroom it is best to choose a simple yet deep tub.  
Tip: If possible, sit in the bathtub before you buy it. Larger baths often aren’t great to relax in as you will find that a foot-rest is too far away.  
A natural wood feature wall beautifully complements the simplicity of this bath tub and neutral colour scheme. 
7. Luxury Showers  
There is a range of choice from large rain head showers, criss-cross spray jets or the more traditional hand-held shower heads which are practical and useful for cleaning the shower as you can direct the spray where you need it.   
Tip: The 2 shower head spa style showers are great for master bathrooms to make use of bigger spaces.   
8. Choosing Fixtures  
Plan your theme and the overall style you desire, then choose fixtures to go with it. Are you looking for something ultra-modern or more traditional and elegant?  
Tip: When shopping for fixtures ensure the styles, lines and curves of sinks, showers, tubs and toilets are complementary.   
9. Saving Space  
A pedestal sink is a great choice for a smaller space and you can add a wall cabinet above it, which is less bulky than a vanity unit.  You may wish to go for a double vanity and larger luxury shower instead of a small shower and a tub, especially in a second bathroom.   
Tip: Installing cupboards back into the wall frame is a great idea to maximise storage space.  
10. Décor  
Neutral shades or white are safe options as they won’t date, and make smaller spaces look lighter and larger. Add splashes of black for a modern style.  Ornate rimmed mirrors are an elegant addition, and artwork and vases of flowers can add a touch of hotel style luxury.  
Tip: Buy new towels and accessories to add colour and complete the look.   
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