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Posted Thursday, 12 January 2017

Capturing the Value

January / February 2017 

Following the kitchen, the bathroom is the most expensive area of your home – estimated to be around 10% of your home’s value. While it might be a small space, it can come at a high price. As the experts at Smith & Sons Renovations and Extensions explain, the cost of renovating your bathroom needs to be viewed in the context of the rest of the home. ‘A bathroom may cost $10,000 to $50 000 which isn't really that much in light of the property value,’ shares Anthony Bown from Smith and Sons Port Hills.
Helping clients make decisions around where to spend their budget and where to save, is a big part of the renovation process. ‘It ensures clients are adding value to their property,’ continues Anthony, ‘whilst avoiding overcapitalising in their project’
Undertaken by Smith and Sons Riccarton, this renovation was about working with the clients to their aesthetic dream while achieving the best results in terms of functionality and space.
Part of this is starting at the beginning. The owners of a Christchurch property [pictured here] wanted a particular finish and started with photos. Our Riccarton office worked with them to achieve that vision. Working in the renovation sector, the local Smith and Sons teams approach each of their projects with a holistic view, ensuring the end result matches and enhances the rest of the home. Able to work with their client to craft the space, or point them in the right direction when it comes to engaging a designer, they are no strangers to the pitfalls of bathroom renovating.
‘Reality television shows have built some unrealistic expectations around timeframes when it comes to bathrooms. Yes, it might be possible to achieve a complete renovation in a week, but we need to ask ourselves, at what cost?’ Indicating a few weeks as a more realistic window for completion, there is no doubt that taking the time achieves a more robust end result. 
‘By the end of the first week you could expect demolition to have occurred, and the plumber and electrician to have been. From there, there is rebuilding to be done, plasterboard to be installed, plastering, painting, waterproofing and tiling.’ Each step requires precision and a high-quality execution to ensure the finished product not only looks great, but is functional. 
The bathroom before the renovation.
For Anthony, drawing on the skills of an expert is a must when it comes to waterproofing. ‘What is on the floor and walls of your bathroom are what make it look nice; what sits beneath makes it function. Your waterproofing, or tanking, is critical.’ A paint- on liquid membrane, waterproofing ensures the moisture, and water, generated in the space is kept above the surface, rather than seeping below, causing damage to the structure of your home. 
‘It is a balance of experts’, continues Anthony. ‘That’s not to say you can’t do it yourself, just that you need to be aware that the bathroom is a complex space, which can have impacts, both positive and negative, on the rest of the home.’ 
As Anthony explains, ‘as a builder it is our role to protect the value of the building and the investment you are making. As well as experience and knowledge, we provide guarantees and undertake all of the consenting issues.’ While some councils will issue a consent exemption for minor works in the bathroom, if waterproofing is being undertaken, it is a must. 
‘Ultimately we bring experience. We understand the space restrictions and the importance of functionality to the end user. The sky is the limit when it comes to design – we simply help you achieve it.’ 
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Words by Lucinda Diack.
Photography by Mick Stephenson. 
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